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Singapore has a rich heritage of traditional Chinese martial arts, brought here by our pioneering forefathers.


After leaving the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution in China, the arrival of Chinese immigrants in South-east Asia meant that the practice of traditional martial arts became another means of preserving their cultural heritage. By the 60s and throughout the 70s, Singapore had become a well-established martial arts hub. 


Through the turbulent times in Singapore’s history, the martial spirit provided them and their communities the resiliency to overcome adversity. With the rapid modernisation of Singapore, however, many old teachers of traditional martial arts are fading into obscurity.


SG50: Journey of Martial Apprenticeship was therefore conceived to revisit traditional platforms of learning various martial arts styles and forms. Through a 9-week apprenticeship program, four veteran martial arts teachers will pass on their martial skills and heritage to Singaporean youths.  

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