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Randell Siow


Randell is the Managing Director and Principal Trainer for eXiLe Solutions. An experienced educator with eight years' experience teaching in a premiere all-boys school in Singapore, he designed and implemented student leadership programmes and outdoor education as Subject Head of Physical Education.  


A certified NCAP Level 2 Coach, he has also established a proven track record for developing high performance school athletes in martial arts (Wushu).


In 2011, Randell received a leadership appointment to the Ministry of Education's Headquarters as Unit Head (National Education) to oversee policy and implementation for Character and Citizenship in Singapore schools. He worked to bridge partner agencies and ministries (i.e. NEXUS, MHA, NSCS, MCCY, etc) with MOE to create engagement platforms for national initiatives such as National Education, Community Engagement Programme and Total Defence.



TK Chua


TK is the Director (Special Projects) and Lead Trainer for eXile Solutions' training programmes.  A dive master with rich experience in outdoor and maritime activities, he has provided professional input and advice on maritime safety and security for various maritime forums.


His expertise in identifying leading trends in this field have led to the adoption of equipment and updated training by government ministries such as the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Home Affairs to enhance the safety of operators involved in high risk environments.


TK leads eXiLe Solutions' safety and security auditing team to help clients assess their organizational risk tolerance and designs appropriate solutions to increase their risk capacity.


He also works directly with clients to provide customised training solutions for personnel operating in high-risk environments.



Michael Koh


Michael  is a passionate videographer and producer. He has produced events video, location scenery, interviews and mini-films.


He is also a martial art enthusiast and most of his video production has martial art theme. Some of his works are "都市太极 ", "Romance of DaQingShan", "Ge Chun Yan (戈春艳) Interview (Chinese) 2014" etc.

Interns from Singapore Polytechnic


Intern Swe (pronounced ‘Sway’) is a graphic design enthusiast and designed the official posters for the programme. A final year student at Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Media & Communication, she is extremely passionate about creating impactful media content that touches individuals and communities. 



Valerie is a third year student in Singapore Polytechnic, Diploma in Media and Communication. Her passion is producing videos and creating stories. She believes that life should be lived to the fullest with no regrets . She has a bubbly personality and mostly pollutes the office with her laughter and her very cold jokes.



Jie Long's quiet demeanour masks a deep passion for risk and urban adventure. He is an avid Traceur who has pursued Parkour as a hobby. When not working on this project he can be seen leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

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