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Madam Ge Chun Yan  戈春艷老师


Madam Ge was born in 1959. She started learning martial arts in 1972 and was among the pioneer batch of athletes that formed the Beijing Wushu Team in 1978. Madam Ge subsequently went on to study with many of the top teachers and masters of internal arts in China, and is proficient in Taiji (太极拳), Xingyi (形意拳) and Bagua Zhang (八卦掌).


Madam Ge is best known for her expertise in Bagua Zhang (八卦掌) and was National Champion in China five years in a row. In 1984, she brought this expertise to the big screen by playing the female lead in the classic kungfu movie 'Pride's Deadly Fury' (武林志). The popularity of this film featuring Bagua Zhang led her to take on starring roles in several more Chinese kungfu movies that have become classics of action cinema. Even today, she continues to bring her expertise to the big screen and was requested to be the principle martial coach for Zhang Ziyi in Wong Kar-Wai's film 'The Grandmaster' (一代宗师) in 2013.


Mdm Ge became a citizen in early 2000s and her Bafang Wushu Training Center (八方武术培训中心) celebrated its 10 year‘s anniversary last year in 2014. Many of Singapore's current coaches and adult martial enthusiasts have trained with her. 


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