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Master Zhou Shu Sheng 周树生老师


Master Zhou Shu Sheng (周树生), was born in 1940 in Guangdong, Nan Hai (广东,南海). He began his martial journey from the age of 13 and studied with numerous renowned teachers to become well-accomplished in a wide spectrum of styles.


In 1992, he was invited to be the Head Coach of the Singapore National Wushu Team. Over the period of his tenure, he groomed our national athletes to accumulate more than 15 Gold Medals and over 70 Silver Medals in regional and international events.


Of the various Northern and Southern styles, he is most widely known for his comprehensive knowledge of Eagle Claw System (鹰爪翻子门). In the Internal styles, he has been an international pillar in the spread and transmission of the 6 Harmonies 8 Methods "LiuHe BaFa" (六合八法).


In 2006, Master Zhou made his personal contribution to LiuHe BaFa by developing the weapons curriculum for LiuHe BaFa (sword, sabre, staff and spear).


Many of the current generation of Wushu coaches and national Wushu athletes from the 1990s to early 2000s can bear testimony to how Master Zhou was a rallying figure in Singapore's Wushu community. To this day, Master Zhou still continues to guide and mentor coaches, athletes and children in his passion for teaching martial arts.

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