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What's gonna work? TEAM Work!

It's Session 4 and the students are progressing well!

The apprentices were looking forward to kick it off with their usual warm ups but they were in for a pleasant surprise. Today during training, Master Zhuo added a twist into their usual stretches and showed them how stretching and flexibility training could be done in teams, instead of just individually.

It was a new challenge that required them not only to stretch but also learn how to balance.

Soon, they were in the swing of learning the modified stretches Master Zhuo developed.

Biceps and triceps were stretched by interlinking their arms in a circle.

The students remarked upon the difficulty of striking a balance between their own potential to stretch and their classmates’s.

Master Zhuo then gave them a more difficult challenge to make each one link one of their legs in the centre of the circle. It was fascinating seeing a circular chain of humans with their arms linked, each one supported by the rest of their friends. The students were having a great time bonding with their classmates and Master Zhuo.

The ended with a resounding cheer of 加油!(meaning 'to keep it up the good work!')

We look forward to seeing their continued growth in the weeks to come.

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