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Becoming Something More...

It has been a challenging 9 weeks but time has passed quickly and we see that the apprentices have learnt alot throughout this time.

Apart from just the physical mastery of the moves, we wanted the students to reflect on their learning and to see how martial arts has enriched their lives. From their very beginnings, where they struggled to even understand their teachers, they are now able to help lead each other through warm-ups.

Master Loh commented that he was glad to see that even during the breaks, some of the students would practice the exercises on their own. For Master Chan, he shared that he now has to spend more time in discussion with the students who are constantly seeking feedback on their performance and on the applications behind the moves. Mdm Ge noticed that the language is not longer a barrier as both teachers and students have learnt to engage each other well.

Time for us to commend some of the students and to share with you their reflections on how they have grown so far.

As we move closer to the end of our journey, self-defense takes on a deeper meaning for our apprentices because they realise that true strength is internal and comes from the heart.

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