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Knowledge alone is not enough, it is the Right Application of Knowledge that makes a difference.

We are now in Week 7 of our project and our young apprentices have learnt much from the masters. Beyond martial arts, the teachers have shared their life-experiences with the apprentices and also mentored them on how perserverance in training transfers to life as well.

Apart from our SG50 Project, *Scape plays host to a wide variety of interest groups. During our training session, it is not uncommon to see various groups of dancers, free-style soccer players, etc. rehearsing at various spots around *Scape.

Today, two of the dancers visited us. They were hip-hop dancers who practiced regularly at *Scape. They had been observing the lessons for the past few weeks and expressed their interest in joining. We assigned them to Master Tim's class and he welcomed them with great enthusiasm.

Being the new students in the class, it took a while to them to catch up. But their skills as dancers and the help from the rest of the students , they caught up quickly with the rest of the class.

Nearing the end of the session, the three groups took turns to demonstrate what they learnt to the rest of their friends. Most of the students are able to perform the various steps in their routines and so their teachers are starting to explain how these steps and techniques are applied in self-defence.

So as we head towards the conclusion of our program, we can see that the teachers are starting to set higher expectations for our apprentices-- it is not only sufficient for them to KNOW, but to be able to APPLY what they know.

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