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True strength comes from within...

In our last session, we heard Master Loh emphasise to the apprentices that martial arts needs to go beyond just developing mere fighting ability. It needs to make one a stronger person.

The apprentices have been training with their assigned teachers for some time now, so today we decided to spice things up. We were visited by our friends from Unreal Physique, a communtiy group that does Street Calisthenics.

The Unreal crew gave an impressive demonstration of their abilities by showing all the different stunts they could do. They awed the apprentices by showing them that even simple exercises like push-ups could have multiple variations.

Unreal then proceed to conduct an endurance and strength circut for the apprentices. From Jumping Jackes, to Burpees, and yes.... the dreaded Plank challenge! This was a true test of effort. The Unreal crew also helped the apprentices learn new skills like handstands. They layered the learning by using the wall and spotters for support. Although it was tough for all of the apprentices, many of them mananaged to accomplish this new feat with support from the Unreal crew!

While the circuit training was going on, our masters continued to train the apprentices in pairs. Pushing the students to the limit, the masters and our Unreal Physique guest instructors, kept the students going on full intensity throughout the session. They were completely exhausted at the end of it but realized that they could actually accomplish much more than what they thought they could do.

This is an attitude we hope will transfer into their daily lives beyond this SG50 project!

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