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Don't stop believing... Being a Confident Person

Learning a skill takes time and effort.

Malcom Gladwell observed that the top performers in any field often spent 10,000 hours or more in practicing their craft. Based on research, the distinguishing factor that seperates the best performers at the highest levels seems to be time spent in practice rather than pure talent.

Our apprentices have been going through a lot of difficulties and challenges. At times, they have shared that it can be discouraging to learn so many new things in sure a short period of time.

Our interns spoke to some of them to find out what keeps them going.

Rahman, shared that he is determined to learn the moves because he wants to be able to defend himself. Samuel shared that he is driven by a desire to build his strength and become tougher in character.

All the apprentices have different reasons to continue and learn. However, sometimes the training can get tough and our teachers can see that some of them feel like giving up.

In today's session, Master Loh spoke to his class on the importance of being confident and believing in themselves. He noticed that his group seemed discouraged as the training got more complex. He shared with them his own experiences when he was a student and also when he was coaching.

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