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Lasting Impressions

Last session, we had our veteran instructors talking about their apprentices. This week, we join some of the apprentices as they share their experiences learning under their respective teachers.

The apprentices were very forthcoming about their experience learning with the masters. They shared their challenges and how they have come to bond with their teachers. It was especially heartwarming to discover the how both our teachers and apprenctices have devised ways to overcome language barriers in order to make the lessons meaningful and engaging.

We can see how the apprentices are engaged not only in the practice of the martial arts, but also with their teachers and each other. Their steady progress and the rapport they have built each other prove Henry Adam's words. He said, said, "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."

So as we celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday this year, let us be thankful for all the life lessons we have received from all the various teachers we have encountered in our lives--- and strive to do them and ourselves proud!

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